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Life Cycle: Tarpon spawn offshore in warm waters.  They reach sexual maturity between 30 and 50 inches.

Migration: Tarpon prefer water in the 75° to 85° F range.  Amelia Island waters provide ideal temperatures conditions from mid-May to mid-October on average.

Fishing Tips: Live shrimp,  pinfish or whole mullet make good baits, but plastics and Keys-style streamers work too. Tarpon can gulp air and remove oxygen by means of lung-like tissue near their swim bladder. This “rolling” effect is one way to spot tarpon.  When sight fishing, land your presentation softly in front of a tarpon at an angle that lets you withdraw your lure away from the tarpon. When shore fishing keep in mind that these fish frequently exceed 100 lb. so tackle should be heavy.

Food Value: None See Regulations

Regulations: No size limit

Catch and release

One Tarpon tag per year (to keep a fish) when seeking an IGFA record is allowed.

State Record: 243 lb., caught near Key West

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