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Nov 27        Fishing Reports 1


Nov 6            Fishing Reports 2


Oct 17          ameliafishbites.com

Oct 11          Fishing Reports 3


Oct 6               Redfish Surf Fishing

Sept 13          Hurricane Slotted Popping Float

Sept 2             Atl Sharpnose Shark  

August 26      Fishing Reports 4

July 31             Fishing Reports 5

July 17               Tarpon in the surf

July 11                  Fishing Reports 6

July 3                   Redfish from a kayak

June 24               Fishing Reports 7

June 13          Ameliafishbites june 13 report

June 6         Amelia Island Mullet




















































Nov 27

Whiting and pompano are going strong in the surf.   Redfish and Black drum are in the surf and creeks.  Trout are thick in the creeks staging to move into the marsh.   As the water cools expect the pompano to move south.

Nov 6

Lots of weed in the surf.  Low tide bite whiting,  redfish, pompano, black drum, and bluefish.  Mullet are still in the area and sandfleas can still be found.  Trout are beginning to stage in creek mouths before moving back into the creeks for winter.g

Oct 17

There is clear water on the beach now.   The mullet are near shore.  Sandfleas and mullet are producing redfish.  Bluefish and flounder are also being caught in the surf.   Occational spanish mackerel, pompano and whiting show up.   Fishbites crab is producing as well.            

Amelia Island Big Trout

Oct 11

Pompano are starting to move into North East Florida as the water temperature cools.    The current water temperature is between 77.5° and 79.5°.   Whiting are spotty right now.  There are some large whiting around but also many small fish.  Redfish, trout, and flounder are mostly in the inlets feeding on mullet that are staging to …

Oct 6

Surf Fishing As the water cools the bite heats up.  Currently, the water is in the mid to low 70s.  Redfish, trout,  pompano, whiting, and tarpon are all active in the surf now.

September 13

SlotCityFishing had a great day fishing for trout on Guana Lake.  They were using shrimp under popping corks. Check out The Sinker Guy’s video on how to make a float rig or popping cork. The sinker guy SlotCityFishing

Atl Sharpnose Shark

September 2

Whiting Stingray and Shark Well, I finally got out surf fishing myself.  This time of year I hang up the kayak for a while and see if there are any mullet and bull redfish in the surf. I did not see any mullet but I did catch some small whiting.  I pulled in to check …

August 26

Amelia Island Fishing Report Clean water is the answer. Pompano Pompano are still around even with the hot water. Redfish The occasional redfish in the surf. Trout Trout and tarpon are cruising the beach early in the morning. Tarpon Trout and tarpon are cruising the beach early in the morning. This is the time of …

July 31

Use common sense this weekend as hurricane Isaias is coming along the coast from August 1 to August 3, 2020. Surf FishingWhiting are also plentiful.  Small Pompano are still in the surf but are mostly undersized.     Early in the morning or late evening trout are coming into the surf.   Don’t be surprised to catch …

Tarpon in the surf

July 17

There are still pompano in the surf but in fewer numbers.  Whiting are still available in good numbers.  Early in the morning tarpon and trout are beyond the breakers. Flounder are abundant in the creeks and river on mud minnows or mullet. Fish the jetties for bull redfish.  Slot redfish are in the creeks.  

July 11

  Her Money Charter had a good day fishing creeks.  They had a good day with keeper trout, black drum, redfish,  and mangrove snapper. Gonna Miss Her Fishing Charter had a good day with redfish and flounder. Pipedream was able to nail a good king mackerel offshore. Redfish Trout Black Drum Mangrove snapper

Redfish from a kayak

July 3

Surf Fishing has been producing well.   Whiting and pompano are both very active.  Trout can be caught on the beach with live shrimp or lures.   Look for clean water in the surf.   Redfish, trout, and flounder are all hot in the creeks.

June 24

Surf fishing has been good.  Whiting and Pompano are active.  The bait of choice is sand fleas, live shrimp, clams, and Fishbites.  The mullet are in the surf being chased by Spanish mackerel.

June 13

Pompano are still in the area.  Whiting are being caught in good number in the surf.  Also, the occasional Bonnethead may be around.  Look for clean water to improve your chances. Flounder are available in the creeks on live bait or soft baits. Snook are baiting in the upper St Johns River.  Try MirroDine or …

June 6

The mullet have arrived with redfish and trout in tow.  Fish a large minnow imitation or a live mullet near a school and hold on.  You should be able to find mullet in creeks, bays and the surf.