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Mangrove Snapper

Mangrove Snapper1

Mangrove (Gray) Snapper

Life Cycle: Small adults move to nearshore and offshore waters at approximately age 3 – 4.  Smaller adults may remain in estuaries or move to nearshore habitats, but tend to remain in shallower water than more mature adults.  Spawning occurs from April to November with a peak during the summer months and is influenced by the lunar cycle. Individual snappers may spawn multiple times during the course of the reproductive season. Mangrove snapper spawn in aggregations during the times surrounding the full moon.

Migration: None

Fishing Tips: Juveniles are common in mangroves, tidal creeks, and seagrasses, while adults generally are located nearshore or offshore in hard-bottom habitats.  Mangrove Snapper are night feeders and eat mainly smaller fishes and shrimp.

Food Value: Very good.  Like all snapper, the mangrove is flaky white meat.


10″ pinched tail

limit 5

State Record:  17 lb.  caught near Port Canaveral

No closed season

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