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January Forecast

January Forecast

January Forecast 1Redfish

Redfish are one of the most sought-after fish among anglers. In order to experience the best redfish catches, timing is key. The best time to fish for redfish is when the sun has had a chance to warm the water at low tide on a warm day with very little or no wind. Mudflats typically produce the best results, as they provide a shallow and sheltered area for schools of redfish to congregate. Furthermore, the incoming tide is a great time to target redfish, as they are drawn to the warmer, deeper water that the tide brings in. As the water temperatures start to drop (typically below 55 degrees), redfish will start to school up on shallow water mudflats, often in large groups of up to 100 or more. So if you’re looking for a successful redfish catch, remember to keep an eye out for that perfect combination of conditions: warm water, low tide, and mudflats.  If the mudflats are not producing or they are dry fish the deepest holds in the area.

January Forecast 2Trout

When it comes to winter fishing for spotted sea trout, the key is to adjust your technique based on the time of day.  Early in the morning, the water is coldest and the trout will be deeper down.  To increase your chances of success, use a slow presentation with shrimp near deep mudflats that are close to oyster bars or grass flats. As the sun warms the water later in the day, the trout will move up to shallow areas like mudflats with oyster bars near grass flats. Again, use slow presentations and don’t rush your cast.


Winter is a great time for sheepshead fishing around docks, bridge pilings, and mangroves.  The key to January Forecast 3success is knowing what bait to use.  For sheepshead, the easiest baits are shrimp, fiddler crabs, oysters, barnacles, and mussels.  Shrimp is the most widely available bait, and it’s very effective for catching sheepshead.  Crabs are the absolute best bait for sheepshead  They can be caught year round if you know how.  See how to catch fiddler carb in cold weather.   Oysters, barnacles, and mussels provide a unique flavor that can attract sheepshead, but they are not always easy to find.  So if you’re looking to catch some sheepshead this winter, make sure you have the right bait.


January Forecast 4Whiting are present all year in northern Florida. In the coldest month, they will be harder to catch but are still around. The sand fleas bury deeper and are not exposed by wave action making it more difficult for whiting to feed.  The best chance is to concentrate where sand fleas and shrimp are being dislodged by the surf.  Use pompano rigs with small pieces of dead shrimp or Fish Bites.  If you saved any sand fleas from the warmer months now is the time to use them.





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