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Hardhead Catfish

Life Cycle: Spawning occurs all summer. The eggs are carried in the mouth of the male after fertilization until they hatch and the fry can feed on their own.   The mouth breeding continues for 8 to 11 weeks.  The fry are

Migration: Hardhead migrates offshore during the colder months and returns to the beach during the summer months.  Fishing Tips: Live shrimp, small crabs, and small live pinfish are good natural bait.  Artificial worms and spoons also work well. The fish will feed throughout the water column, but baits fished near the bottom work best.

Food Value: The fish is edible but difficult to prepare and not usually eaten by local residents.  They can be skinned and filleted.

Caution: the pectoral and dorsal fins are poisonous, a sting from this catfish can cause horrible pain that lasts a long time. This species is difficult to handle as it excretes a toxic slime coating from its skin when caught – always wear gloves when removing your hook and watch out for the spines. 


No Limit

State Record: 8 lb., 14 oz.

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