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Catching Pinfish

Catching Pinfish


Catching Pinfish:

Pinfish are one of the easiest baitfish to catch.   The species is commonly encountered over bare sand, rock reefs,  and off of inlet jetties.  They are more active at night.  A small piece of salted shrimp or a chunk of gulp shrimp on a size 1 or size 2 hook with a small bobber will take pinfish.  Pinfish traps are the most efficient technique to take pinfish.  Purchase traps online, or your local tackle shop.  The tunnel opening to a pinfish trap is different from a regular minnow trap. It is a vertical opening rather than a round hole.


Food Value:



Permanently affixed the harvester’s name and address to the trap.

Attach a buoy to the trap no smaller than 6 inches and marked with a legible “R” that is at least 2 inches tall


Life Cycle:

Adult pinfish are found offshore in 30 to 50 feet of water.  The juveniles are what we catch inshore.  They are tolerant of a large temperature range of 50-95 degrees so they should be present during most weather conditions.  It takes about 1 year for a pinfish to mature.  During fall mature pinfish migrate offshore to spawn.  They do not return inshore.  The pinfish population inshore is at its lowest from fall to early winter.


Move offshore from late fall to early spring.  Juveniles are abundant inshore during the summer months.


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