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Bonnethead Shark

Bonnethead Shark

Bonnethead Shark

Special Shore-based shark rules. 


Life Cycle:

Bonnetheads breed and give birth in November.  These sharks mature at about 3 feet in length and bear 6 to 12 young at one time.


Bonnetheads prefer water temperatures over 70°.  They move south during the cold months. They are found around Amelia Island from May to September.

Fishing Tips:

Bonnethead sharks are an inshore species found in bays and estuaries.    They feed chiefly on crabs and other crustaceans.  Cut bait, pinfish will attract bonnethead.  Most are in the 10-20 lb. range.

Food Value:



Max 5 feet

No Size Limit

Limit 1

State Record: 28 pounds from the Halifax River

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