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bluefishLife Cycle: 

They reproduce during spring and summer and can live up to 9 years.


Young usually are inshore during spring and summer and move offshore to join adults during fall and winter.  Large numbers of bluefish migrate to southern Florida from the northern stocks during winter and leave again in the spring.  Amelia Island is in route during spring and fall. Anglers on the east coast catch larger bluefish than fishermen on the west coast.  Bluefish travel in large schools following baitfish. Members of a school tend are about the same size because they are cannibalistic.  

Fishing Tips: 

 Bluefish have many very sharp teeth.  Use a heavy leader to prevent bite offs.  Cut baits work well but so will most lures.  Bluefish move in loose schools so catching more than one is possible.  Inshore tackle works fine for this relatively small fish.

Food Value: 

Eat small ones the same day if possible.  Larger bluefish are not very good to eat.


12″ fork length

Limit 10

State Record:  22 lbs. 2 oz., caught near Jensen Beach

No closed season

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