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Blacktip Shark



Special Shore-based shark rules.


Migration: Blacktip prefers temperatures between 69° and 77°F.  Spawning takes place in bays and estuaries during the summer months.  They migrate to southern Florida during the coldest months, smart fish.  The young stay in the estuaries where they were born until they are old enough to migrate with the adults.  They arrive in Amelia Island waters in early May and leave in October.

Fishing Tips: Since blacktip spawn in the Amelia Island area there is the opportunity to catch immature specimens.  I have heard of 3-foot juveniles as well as grown adults being landed on Amelia Island.  Average fish range from 5 to 30 lbs.  Blacktip are energetic and will jump when hooked.  Shrimp and cut bait are most common.

Food Value: Very good but larger fish have high mercury levels.


No Size Limit

Limit 1

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