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Black Drum


Black Drum

Life Cycle: Black drum spawn near shore in the early spring.  Black drum may also be found offshore.

Migration: Black drum move deep in winter and return to the shallows in early spring.

Fishing Tips: Black Drum are bottom feeders and frequently are bycatch when fishing for redfish.  They feed on oysters, mussels, crabs and shrimp. For the larger fish heavy spinning and ocean gear is best.  Black Drum are slow bulldog fighters.

Food Value: Good up to 24″ but degrades as the fish get larger

Regulations: 5 per day 14″-24″ with pinched tail

One of the 5 fish may be over 24” 

Fish over 24″ are not as good on the table and should be voluntarily returned.

Juveniles look like sheepshead but have a normal fish mouth.

State Record: 96 lbs., caught near Fernandina Beach.

No closed season

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