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Fort George Inlet Fishing

Ft. George Inlet Fishing

Surf Fishing Ft. George Inlet

Fort George Inlet Fishing

I took my first trip to Little Talbot Island State Park in mid-February.   After driving to the southern end of the park I parked as close to the water as possible.   Loading my beach cart took only a few minutes.  Then I walked to the southernmost cross over to access the water.  I already knew that the paved path that accessed the beach had been damaged in a recent storm.  There is now a three-foot drop from the path onto the sand but I knew I could lif my cart onto the sand.  What I didn’t know was that at high tide when I arrived there was no beach only water about a half-foot deep.  Fortunately, the tides in this area drop about a foot an hour so I waited for a small path to appear on the top edge of the beach and made my way to my spot.    About a quarter-mile further south is a small jetty extending into the water which is the outlet of the Ft. George River.

Ft Geoge Jetty

Ft George Jetty


I set up just downstream of the jetty hoping that the break in the flow would be an ambush point for Trout or Redfish.


The current in this area is substantial.   I would guess as much as 5 mph.  The water was unfortunately still in the upper 50’s so fishing was slow.   I did catch some undersized trout but no keepers.

This is an area that I will definitely visit again but I’ll arrive some other time than right at high tide.