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Piers & Passes

Piers & Passes 1

Pay Piers

Pay Piers frequently do not require a fishing license.  They also may have bait for sale and tackle for rent.

Piers & Passes 2

Free Piers

Free Piers include free parking.  Licenses are not provided.  There may or may not be bait for sale nearby.

Piers & Passes 3

Inlets & Passes

Inlets & Passes can be fished on foot.  Some have paved access while others require a rigorous hike.

Piers & Passes 4

The Keys

The Keys are special because they have many bridges that allow fishing.  There are two piers in Key West.  I have included only bridges that provide a walkway separated from the road.  These are bike trails so keep your gear to the side.