Piers & Passes

Below you will find four links.  Each of them is a map of potential fishing spots in Florida.

Pay Piers

The Piers map contains all over the state of Florida.

Florida Fishing Piers

Florida Fishing Piers


Free Fishing Piers

Free Fishing Piers means FREE no fee to fish or park.

Piers & Passes 1

Inlets and Passes

The Passes map locates passes that are fishable on foot.

That is they don’t require a boat.   Some of these offer paved surfaces and some require rigorous hick to reach.




The Keys is a special area for fishing.

There are only two piers in the Keys located in Key West but many bridges provide a separate walkway that is isolated from the road.  I have not included bridges that only have an unprotected sidewalk.  Be aware that the separate walkways are part of the Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail which is part of the East Coast Greenway.  This is a bike trail from the Keys to the Canadian border.  Share the road and keep your equipment out of the way so bikes can pass.

Fishing Bridge

Fishing Bridge

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