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Amelia Island Trout and Redfish catch

Trout and Redfish

Why Amelia Island

After several trips up and down both coasts of Florida, we decided that Fernandina Beach in northeastern Florida was going to be our new home. The climate brought us to Florida.  But the friendly people that we encountered on Amelia Island kept us here.  The relative lack of hurricanes, the amenities the island offers and the many activities on the island was very attractive.  Also, the inshore fishing was a big draw.


As a bass fisherman in the upper Midwest and I had a lot to learn about saltwater fishing and still do. Now on a good day, I limit out on trout or redfish. I have fished on several charters, a kayak and from shore. All areas are productive. I love to experiment so there are very few spots that I have not tried. I will include stories of the things and places that have worked for me and those that have not worked.


Amelia Island

AMELIA ISLAND Amelia Island is the northernmost island on the Atlantic coast of Florida. We have both the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal waterway along with many creeks and rivers that are accessible to the shore fisherman. On the north end of the island is the St. Mary’s River. This inlet is dredged biennial to allow …