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Mar 6

Mar 6 1

The sandfleas are starting to show up on the beach.  The pompano will be coming along soon.  Whiting are active with catches of 12 or more in a day.  Most have been south of Amelia Island.   Water temperature is critical this time of year.   Pompano needs close to 67° plus to be comfortable.  Fernandina Beach is currently between 59.2° and 62.4°.  This is taken at a location in the Amelia River which is warmer than the surf.  The open ocean sensor at the St. Mary’s jetties is showing  57.4° and 59°.    The Mayport station is between 59.1° and 62.1°.  St Augustine is between 60.6° and 63.1°.   St Augustine is obviously further south by 50+ miles but it is also 50 miles closer to the Gulf Stream.

Sheepshead are still active and have not left the pilings and to spawn.  That will happen a few weeks after the pompano show up in force.

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